Dreamcubator® is an online dream platform where dreamers can upload, share and comment on dreams within the Dreamcubator® community and enjoy our exclusive member's area the Dream Room. 

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Dreamcubator® is the dreamchild of Martina Kocian, Australian Dream Therapist (B.A. Psychology, E.I. Practitioner) who has been working with dreams and specialising in dream therapy since 2008.

Inspired by practices in ancient dream temples and her clients' dreamworlds, Martina wanted to create a sacred digital space where dreamers could record and share their dreams with an engaged community and receive dream therapy or guidance on working with those dreams.

Martina's dreamwork has led her on some pretty wild adventures including live radio and television gigs as guest Dream Therapist on 2day FM, ABC Radio, Nova, Triple M, Radio Manchester, Channel 10’s The Breakfast Show and Channel 9’s Today show. She has also participated in community dream projects and international brand collaborations including Cotton On and Tourism New Zealand, but her favourite and most privileged adventures will always be those escorted by her clients to their unique dreamworlds.

Martina also runs general and corporate dream workshops across Australia via Zoom or in person.

Martina’s passion is to continue expanding her knowledge on dreams, help clients navigate their lives through dreamwork and inspire all dreamers to explore and experience deeply the value of their dreams as a significant source of wisdom, healing and guidance.