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My Dreamfolio

The Case of the Missing Triplet

The dream takes place in the Manhattan Project. There are 3 elderly women, identical triplets, working on the project. One of the women discovers that one of her sisters is missing. Which one is missing and where is she? Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Rocket Train

I am asleep in my bed. Someone (I can’t see who) is poking my nose, with their finger, trying to wake me up. I wake up and I find myself in the cockpit of a rocket ship, mounted horizontally on a rail carriage. The engines burst into life and the…

The Clean up

It is nighttime and I am living in this dark, foreboding house. The house and yard are full of junk. I have resolved to clean it up and I have brought a trailer and parked it in the yard. I am loading up the junk onto the trailer. There is…