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Are you experiencing nightmares, recurring or PTSD dreams? Or simply want to explore your dreams for deeper insight and awareness?

Our qualified dream therapists can help with the following services for dreamwork:

Dream therapy

Dream incubation

Brief and In-Depth

Psychotherapeutic applications 

Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief, relationship issues, nightmares and recurring dreams

Creative applications 

Arts and business or simply to explore your dream for valuable insight.

Dreams sessions are conducted online via Zoom or in person.

Fees, location and availability may vary. Please refer to therapist bios for more info.

Martina Kocian

BA Psychology, Dream Therapist, Dreamcubator Founder

Martina Kocian has been specialising in dream interpretation and dream therapy for over a decade and is the founder of dream platform Dreamcubator.

With a Bachelor of Psychology and certification in Embodied Imagination Therapy, Martina started her private dream practice focusing on Jungian Psychology and highly specialised form of dream therapy - Embodied Imagination Therapy.

Martina's dreamwork has led her on some pretty wild adventures including live radio and television gigs as guest ‘Dream Doctor’ on 2day FM, ABC Radio, Nova, Triple M, Radio Manchester, Channel 10’s Studio, The Breakfast Show and Channel 9’s Today show as well as participating in community dream projects and international brand collaborations. Although her favourite and most privileged adventures will always be those escorted by her clients to their unique dreamworlds.

Martina’s passion is to continue expanding her knowledge on dreams, help clients navigate their lives through dreamwork and inspire all dreamers to explore and experience deeply the value of their dreams as a significant source of wisdom, healing and shamanic guidance.

Martina conducts dream therapy and dream incubation sessions in person and via Zoom.

Session fee: $90USD for 60 mins

Location: Brisbane and Gold Coast

Session Type: Zoom only


Tue 10am-4pm AEST
Thu 10am-4pm AEST


Embodied Imagination Therapy
Dream Incubation
Dream Interpretation (Jungian based)

Book Now$90 USD / 60 min session

Michelle Morris

MA Transpersonal Psychology, Diploma of Family Therapy, Embodied Imagination™ Therapist

Michelle has worked clinically with adults and children for nearly 30 years. She has a private practice in Melbourne and in addition lectured in counseling at a tertiary level and run a training program in Mindfulness Meditation and dream groups.

She has a long-standing interest in imagery and healing. For over 10 years she was a participant in a dream group with psychologist and author Peter O’Connor. Michelle’s therapy practice incorporates imagery processes of Embodied Imagination™, Sandplay Therapy and creative expression.

In 2011, Michelle graduated from the 3year Embodied Imagination™ training. Using this method, she has run dream groups and worked with individuals on a variety of issues including phobias and anxiety, grief, relationship difficulties, physical  symptoms and chronic illness.

She is co-author of a chapter on Embodied Imagination™ in Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice. 

Currently Michelle is part of the Australian Embodied Imagination™ training team.

Location: Melbourne

Session Type: Zoom and in person


Mon 1 PM – 6 PM AEST
Tue 9 AM-5 pm AEST
Wed 9 am- 6 PM pm AEST


Embodied Imagination™ Therapy
Sandplay Therapy
Mindfulness-based Therapy

Book Now$90 USD / 60 min session