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Dream therapy involves a one on one session with your dream therapist where your dream is worked to assist with:

Psychotherapeutic applications including trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief, relationship issues and nightmares; Creative applications including arts and business or simply to explore your dream for valuable insight.

Some forms of dream therapy include Image Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) where the dream is worked to facilitate a more desirable outcome (highly effective for nightmares) and Embodied Imagination Therapy where specific dream phenomena are embodied by the dreamer to allow for deep, spontaneous insight and for something new and profoundly transforming to unfold.

Dream therapy can also include a dream incubation session with follow up sessions to help gain insight on a particular core issue you may be facing whether that be relationship, health, work, business or a creative endeavour.

There are two ways to request a dream therapy session. You can check the box 'Request dream therapy for this dream' when you post a dream OR you can book a qualified dream practitioner from the Dream Therapists page.

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