Dream Types

Everyday dream
A typical dream that is not too out of the ordinary.

Healing dream
Experiencing physical, emotional or psychological wellbeing after a dream. Something has shifted for the better.

Hypnogogic vision
Visions that are experienced in the hypnogogic state, bordering on the threshold of sleep.

Incubated dream
The outcome of a dream that was intended before sleep, usually surrounding a specific issue.

Lucid dream
A dream where you have become conscious you are dreaming and often able to control the content and outcome of the dream.

A highly disturbing dream with heightened fear, anxiety and emotionally charged content.

Precognitive dream
A dream that predicts real life events you had no previous knowledge or awareness of.

Problem solving dream
A dream that has provided a solution to a problem.

Recurring dream
A dream that you have experienced previously or occurs frequently.

Sexual dream
A dream that contains sexual content.

Shared dream
A single dream with the same content that is experienced by two or more people.

Soul dream
A very rare dream that feels different to other dreams, stands out and is never forgotten. Usually intense, colourful and conjures feelings of awe and wonder. Can contain divine knowledge that often changes your life course. Soul dreams are also referred to as transcendent, high vibrational or big dreams and usually occur during crises or life transitions.

Visitation dream
A dream where someone who has passed is present. Contains qualities of a soul dream and the departed emits strong feelings of love and wellbeing.