I am part of some kind of production where I have been chosen as the star. The show has been put on for my benefit and there is a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding it all. I find out that I am to be entombed and not sure how I feel about this.

All taking part in the production are overly keen and my only effort is to lie in a coffin while the show takes place. I am beginning to get a cultish, sinister vibe from it all, as if it's not really a show at all but a sacrifice. I am also worried about my little one witnessing the performance and not having adequate ventilation in the coffin. And of course the fear of being buried and deliberately forgotten.

On the day of the performance I am made up by a couple of makeup artists who are also a little too keen on the show. I head home for final preparations and am visited by someone dressed as Dracula who jumps onto the bed I am hiding behind and discovers me. It's all a prelude to the show.

Photo by Mohammad Hoseini Rad on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

The people involved in the show were connected with my yoga studio

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Fear and unease.


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