Flying Frogs


I am walking on a highway. It's dark and I am at a border crossing. There are people and vehicles including large buses at the border paying fees to pass (similar to a toll). My sister is walking behind me but as I cross the border, I notice she has fallen away or stayed behind.

The darkness becomes bright evening as I walk alone along the highway. There are cars driving past me and I am relieved to see others walking ahead of me in the distance - I was starting to feel vulnerable on the highway. It's after school time at the height of Summer, I am aware of cicada sounds and children playing in the large trees by the road. I notice a pool of muddy water by the side of the road, flooding out from recent rain. I walk around the water and see large frogs either jumping away from or being thrown from the trees by the children. They are sprawled out, blue and black in colour but I don't see them land. They either hide away or disappear.

I decide to stop and watch this spectacle of flying frogs. As I walk closer to the trees, a man beckons me and asks if I can see 'the thing'. He seems to be either a medicine man or a vagrant, I can't tell which. I decide to give him the benefit of the former but can't see what he can see. There is a large bird head similar to a red parrot/cockatoo that darts in and out of my vision within a cage like structure. Somehow I don't think he is referring to the bird.

Dream notes and associations

Crossing the border and heading north where it's really bright may relate to my move interstate some years ago.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

I felt vulnerable walking alone on the highway and then relief on seeing others in the distance as well as school children in the trees. Curiosity and awe at the frogs and 'medicine man'.


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