I am entering a remote cottage style house with my little toddler Amira. I think it belongs to the mother of friend and as Amira crawls along the entrance mat I'm having thoughts about whether I want to be here or feel like seeing her. As we get further into the house I notice that someone is mopping and cleaning. I see a leg with a distinctive birthmark and instantly recognise my own mum - she has been hired to clean this house.

A feeling of joy and excitement arise and I suddenly become very lucid and aware that we are about to be reunited. I pick up Amira and wander into the kitchen where my mum is standing by the mircowave. She melts at seeing Amira and demands a hug from her granddaughter. I am happy to pass her over and of course she demands to be back in my arms. It's a touching scene and feels very vivid and real. My mum then begins gossiping about relatives and the magic of the dream and the dream itself evaporates.

/ Image: Artwork (original) by Martina Kocian

Dream notes and associations

My parents are currently in Thailand and my mum is unable to travel due to the pandemic. It's been 6 months and counting since she has held her 18 month old granddaughter without much hope of being able to do so any time soon.

I am wondering whether this was more of a visitation or premonition dream due to the realistic quality and lucidity of the dream...right down to Amira's attachment to me and the fact she was older in the dream, perhaps around 2.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Joy and excitement to see my mum


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