Sacred stones


I find myself on some city steps outside a large cathedral or monastery. There are some large stones on the steps scattered with smaller stones. I am playfully moving the stones around, touching the heavy boulder like stones and rummaging through the smaller ones. The larger stones don't budge and while I am handling the smaller stones I suddenly become aware there is a meditation group behind me who will be chanelling/working with these stones. They are sacredly connected to something larger - possibly with the planetary alignments which I am basically messing with.

I can tell these people are becoming agitated as I am being a disturbance - I rummage around a little more and then turn to leave. As I am walking away an authoritarian voice booms 'WHO has been rearranging these stones?' And some voices reply 'Kirsten, it was Kirsten' and Kirsten pipes up 'It was me'.

I continue walking away thinking maybe Kirsten has also been disturbing the natural order at some stage and then I am stopped dead in my tracks as the voice booms 'Then she is a devil worshipper of the worst order'.

I hope I can escape unnoticed, however I feel there is a mark on my back. And now I feel bad if Kirsten is to be blamed and severely punished for my actions, even though the large stones were unmovable.

Dream notes and associations

I saw an osteo for the first time and wondering if the vertebrae is sacredly aligned and did we mess with my chi somehow?

Have been researching the Spanish Inquisition after reading Poe's 'Pit and the Pendulum' and the final scene from this dream felt like a severe punishment was about to be administered.

Thoughts about sacred alignments, fate, destiny etc.

Image: Callum Parker on unsplash

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Enjoyment and deep in play when moving the stones around. Absolute terror at the end and on awakening.


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