Sprouty Parasite


I am standing at a supermarket self check out and look down at my leg noticing a skin coloured round growth. The next time I look at it, it has morphed into a large blister-like boil - bright red with pus and near bursting. I realise it needs to be treated and suddenly a couple of nurses rush over to me and pierce the boil with a needle. What comes from the boil is a small worm-like parasite that is segmented and looks plant like - like a bean sprout. It has small green sprouts protruding from the segments. I peer down at my leg again, the boil has gone but now I see potato like sprouts growing from my leg.

Dream notes and associations

A sense of urgency related to a work situation. The parasite reminds me of the intestinal parasite my little one was treated for a year ago.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

A sense of alarm and urgency to treat the boil. Relief at the nurses on scene treating the boil. Curiosity, fear and disturbed by the parasite and sprouts growing on my leg.


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