The ‘carnival’ dream


I am with my husband in my hometown and in particular at a central square walking towards the upper part of it around the period of carnival festivities. My husband says to me that this year 'I'm going to take part in a group and join the carnival parade and i'll do it no matter what'. I'm thinking that I won't be able to join, since I have to take care of the kids, but it's ok if he can join. As we walk together in the square, there's an explosion in front of us that makes us stop for a while until the upheval slows down. Eventually we arrive at the upper part of the aquare where groups of people participating in the carnival are gathered. As I have a look at them I see -very close to me- a group of 8 people men and women from Iceland, they are holding the Icelandic flag. I'm impressed and very happy to see them, I'm thinking I can't believe that the Icelanders came to my hometown's carnival!! I am moved! The dream closes with me and my husband being in a house with 2 floors where many people -who have participated in the carnival parade- are sleeping and waiting for the morning to come and leave the city. It's kind of a home for carnivalists. Some of them are sleeping , some are making coffee, others are washing their face.. Me and my husband are walking together with our baby daughter -who is taking her first steps- among people sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor. I'm afraid and anxious that the baby may step on somebody or may start screaming if things don't go her way and I'm saying my husband that we have to be careful so as not to wake the Icelanders up, since they have come such a long way!

Dream notes and associations

Some of the Icelanders reminded me of Vikings, others were of the nerd type.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Strange feeling when I woke up. In the dream I felt frustrated about my inability to join the carnival but I wanted to encourage my husband to join... I felt very moved happy and elated when I saw the group from Iceland. I felt kind of cautious and anxious not to wake people up at the end of the dream.

This dream came as an 'answer' to a question that has been troubling me the last few months as to where I should go to live with my family so that I can enjoy a sense of community with people , to have an everyday life where there will be a network of mutual support. I live in an island not very close to my hometown -which is more of a city- and I have always wanted to visit Iceland for holiday.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Maria, how special that your dream came as an answer to a significant question. There is such a strong theme here of community and celebration but also of importance, your contrasting feelings of not being able to take part due to family obligations.