‘The Dumplings’


I am with some foreigners eating at the same table. I have joined them in a meal. They offer me Chinese dumplings to eat, they put some in my plate from a pot. I am enthusiastic to taste them and I say 'yeap I know Dumplings, their origin is from China'. No, people say to me, 'they aren't from China, they are from France'. 'Are Dumplings from France? I wonder.. 'I thought they were from China', I say. ''No'', people say to me, ' they are from France, but it's because they became established in China and they eat them a lot there that you believed they are from China - look there's a documentary on the TV now saying so'. I found this info interesting and as I was eating I had a look at the documentary on TV affirming their opinion.

Dream notes and associations

I can;t make any associations in this dream.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

I felt a sense of wonder and curious how dumplings can be from France , since I have known that they are from China.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Maria, how interesting to have a dream about the origin of dumplings! I’m wondering whether this dream could be challenging some long held beliefs in your waking life? You seemed very open minded about this new information coming through as well.