The Fallen Tree Branch


I enter the dream with the realization that something has happened overnight in the house. I was not panic or anxious, but felt calm. The house has the feeling of my current house but the it does not have the same layout.
I notice that a big green tree branch has fallen off from a big tree to the left of the house (view from backyard) after the supposed storm (?) from the night before. The base of the branch is still somewhat connected to the tree, but it is evident that it will die soon. The tree itself remains lush and green. The branch itself is not on top of the house, but beside it.
I then notice there is a hole in the roof and the ceiling and there are some brick debris on my bed.
People then start randomly showing up to have a gathering. 2 people I recognize (acquaintances in real life), the rest are all strangers. They are making dumplings and spring rolls and have invited more strangers into my house.
Three strangers (men) starts to remove the tree branch and I was told by another woman who started clearing up the back deck that the deck and its structure has corroded. The entire deck must go or it will be unsafe.
A bunch of strangers start clearing up my deck and I am left with the feeling that I will have to rebuild the deck.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

I was very calm throughout the dream and remained calm after waking up.
There was not a lot of feelings other than a bit of sadness that something like this has happened to me.


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Susan, what a lovely healing dream. There are some strong themes here centred around clearing and rebuilding. The presence of food – dumplings and spring rolls also suggest this process will be nourishing.