This Way!


I am journeying through space. It's dark and there are millions of stars surrounding me in all directions. There is a large neon sign reading 'THIS WAY' pointing to the left. I turn left and at every turning point there is another neon sign pointing me in the right direction.

I am travelling and following the signs until I come to a huge rocket ship. It blasts off into...infinity? I'm not sure if I am in the rocket ship or just observing the take off but feel the outcome is the same.

/ Image: Digital artwork (original) by Martina Kocian

Dream notes and associations

I feel this is related to my area of work and study being dreams. If I keep following this field I'll be heading in the right direction :).

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Happy and exhilarated. A great sense of ease like I am heading in the right direction.


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