A Plague of Marmosets


I am visiting my friend, Natalie, at her home in Marrickville. She has a plague of marmoset monkeys in her house and garden. There are hundreds of them running around her walls, all over her furniture, etc. We cannot catch them, they are too fast. I find three marmosets have a nest in a concealed bookshelf. They are very tame and allow us to pick them up. They are very cute and cuddly. I decide to take mine for a walk. I have a leash on it but I carry it with me, as I'm worried about dogs. I do meet one elderly dog, but he just has a sniff in our direction and walks past us. Where I am walking is Minto, on the outskirts of Sydney. I return to Natalie's home and discover the 3 basset hounds, that we had when I was growing up, are there. The mother dog, Mandy, is very interested in playing with the marmosets, and they are playing with her. Mandy's coat is very bright and shiny. The End.

Photo by Paulo Infante on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

My title sounds like an Agatha Christie title. I read a lot of Agatha Christie books, in my teens, encouraged by my mother. Last week Penny and I watched, on ABC i-view, a 3-part series on Agatha Christie, presented by Lucy Worsley. It was about her persona, and how she created an image herself, by twisting the truth a etc. Natalie has been sending me some emails about researching, what cars to buy and she is hell bent getting me to see the movie; "The Banshees of Inisherin". It is a very dark comedy, but because of a recent memory resurfacing about an examination by my Doctor, and a few other things that happened over Christmas, I was feeling a bit fragile, and didn't particularly want to see it.
Minto was a very small village on the outskirts of Sydney when I was growing up. My mother's aunts and uncles and grandmother lived there. I loved visiting Minto. They lived close to the railway line, and I loved lying in bed at night listening to the passing trains. Paradise!! And I love my grand aunts, Christina and Elsie.
Yesterday I watched a video blog by Lauri Loewenberg on the significance of numbers appearing in dreams. The number 3 appears twice, plus "hundreds." Can't make anything of significance about that, so far.
Mandy only had one litter of pups, but she became an obsessive mother. She would mother anything. She used to get into fights with the mother hens, because she would want to take charge of the chickens. The mother hen would not allow that.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

It felt exciting with all these marmosets running around. The family of 3 marmosets were cute and cuddly.
Feelings of nostalgia in regard to Minto. Mandy's playfulness.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, what a delightful dream! The energy of the marmosets remind me of the small dogs in your Meeting with Martina dream. Interesting to note they are tame and cuddly and there’s a strong theme of playfulness in this dream. That’s a positive connection you’ve made to childhood memories too. P.s. I’m also an Agatha Christie fan – I’ll have to get on to iview this week.

Dream Therapist
1 year ago

I’m also wondering whether the wild marmosets could be connected to the release from the glove box in your previous dream.