A Scottish Air


I am feeling isolated and I join a community made up of people who also feel isolated even within the community to which they belong to. My joining this community suddenly provides a catalyst for everyone to reach out to each other and we start to do things as a community. We build a bridge with our bare hands and an aqueduct. The setting of the dream was the Scottish Highlands.
(not sure if this is a separate dream or following on from the above) I am with a group of female friends and I am covered in leeches. The friends are helping me remove the leeches. I have to keep removing items of clothing as more leeches are found. Eventually I end up naked as they continue to remove the leeches.

Photo by Ilana Reimer on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Penny and I watched "Old peoples home for teenagers" on TV last night. A lot of the participants, both young and old, felt a sense of isolation. We have always thought that my father's family were of Scottish descent, but when we did the family tree we discovered that we were Irish. And now that I have had my DNA done my Scottish and Irish DNA is not very high.
The second part of the dream reminded me of my dream; "In my comfort zone" In this dream I can recognise all the women as friends in my social circle, that I share with Penny, in real life.
Also recently we have found leeches inside our house. Plus my recent experiences with leech bites that put me in hospital for a week.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

A sense of isolation, a sense of community, a sense of purpose. The second part of the dream also had the sense of community. And the second part didn't feel erotic or sexual.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, what a profound dream – the community, building the bridge and the aqueduct are all very strong themes. The removal of leeches seems very symbolic too and reminds me of your dream where we peeled away layers of an artichoke.

Dream Therapist
1 year ago
Reply to  Lindsay

The building with bare hands would be a powerful embodiment

Dream Therapist
1 year ago

The building with bare hands would be a powerful embodiment.

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