A Single Gold Cufflink


Martina this a vision (dream?) I had, working on my latest dream. At the end of the recording you leave me to cycle through the processes and emotions and this is what turned up. I also recommend you read the email report you sent me, back in April 2017 of my dream "we may never love like this again". It is the same boy.

I am standing outside a small compound which is enclosed by barb wire and razor wire. Entry to the compound was by a set of magnificent golden gates. Each gate was a plate of gold featuring templates and moulds. The type of thing that you would pour molten metal into to make objects of various shapes and sizes. Inside the compound is a young boy, whom I knew when I was a teenager. He is well dressed and looks healthy, well fed and seems to be quite happy to be caged up in this compound. He is excited to see me and comes over to the fence. He wants to give me something and extends his hand out through a gap in the gate and he has something enclosed in his hand. I position my hand, palm facing up, under his hand and he places a single gold cufflink in my hand.

Image from my own photo Lindsay Kennedy

Dream notes and associations

This is the young boy who appears in my dream from 2017. He was someone I knew when I was a teenager, his name is Peter. As I told you, at the time he was quite sexually brazen and he would display his erections to anyone who was around. You asked me was I envious of him because of this. The truth is I probably was. If I was out in public and could feel an erection coming on, I would start to worry. Even if there were plenty of people around, someone could notice it and target me later. Or my mother might notice it and give me another belting later. On one occasion someone got quite close to me and had a quick grope when no-one was looking.
I saw something similar to the gates at a junk yard in Molong, last weekend. Except it was made out of some very rusty steel.
Which brings me to the enclosure. This is a reference to my shit dream. This is one of the first dreams I had that set me on this path that led me to your door. I was in a prison camp, I was naked and covered in my own shit. The camp provided me with food, water and adequate shelter but I was still naked and covered in my own shit. Which stands in stark contrast to dream we worked on last week where I am feeling comfortable and okay about being vulnerable in front of you and your girlfriends. And I was getting rid of my shit, if I remember correctly. And in stark contrast to prison which Peter is in. Why is he in a prison as well? Why is he happy to be there? What are the golden gates about?
I almost forgot about the cufflink. He obviously kept the other cufflink and the cufflink had something to do with his identity.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Peter felt excited to see me. Even though he is in prison I felt envious of him because he was well dressed and seems happy to be there. (In comparison to me in my prison camp) The golden gates were awesome.
Martina, you will noticed that I used one of my nude selfies to illustrate this dream. Even though I have a strategically placed gold cufflink on the photo I still do feel somewhat vulnerable about it but I am very pleased with myself to have come up with the concept and been game enough to use it.
In summing up I think this about looking at me where I was at the start of this journey back in the early nineties and where I am now. Thank you for your assistance and guidance that you have delivered on the way. I don't think the journey is over yet. I am sure there are more discoveries out there waiting to be discovered.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

Wow, it sounds like something quite powerful has been released/unleashed. Well done you.

Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, wow there seems to be many multi-faceted layers and associations connected with this dream to explore. The gates remind me of the portals from your ‘Festival of Sex’ dream and the gold cufflink seems really special.

It’s been a pleasure dreamworking with you and yes I’m sure you’re right, the journey is never over, we are always in the process of becoming.

Btw I love your creative twist with the nude selfie, very arty and original 🙂