An Anxious, Confusing Erotic Dream


William Yang, the gay, Chinese photographer, is going to photograph me being examined at the medical school. I am lying, completely naked on the examination bed and I am being examined by a young man and he is also naked. The tutor and the rest of the class are watching on, they are all fully clothed and so is William Yang. During the examination I fall asleep and I have an erotic dream which causes me to have an erection. I suddenly wake up (in the dream) and I find that I am in my parents bed in the old family home. I am feeling anxious and confused by this. Did that examination actually happen or was it just a dream? Did William Yang take those photos and will they be exhibited in public? I have a feeling that someone from the examination is in the room with me. I want to go and retrieve a pair of my pants but they are in another room in the house but I am feeling anxious about walking through the house naked and especially as I have an erection. But it is very early in the morning and everyone will be sleeping. I walk out of the room and walk past my old bedroom but my mother is sleeping in that room and she is awake and wants to know why am I awake at this hour and she tells me to go back to bed. I tell her to go back to sleep. It is very dark so she can't see that I am naked. I continue onto the other room and look for my pants. I then realise that my mother died last September so she can't be in this house. The End.

image from: martha-dominguez-de-gouveia-k-NnVZ-z26w-unsplash-scaled.jpg

Dream notes and associations

William Yang is a gay Chinese photographer, who chronicled the lives of many gay men during AIDS epidemic. Last night before going to sleep I watched Hannah Gadsby's documentary; "Nakedly Nudes", a history of the nude body in art. William Yang was one of the artists she interviewed. Reminds me of the morning glory dream were I am feeling anxious about the family knowing that I spent night with the prostitute. Also the dream where I discover that I am naked in the market place and I feel frightened and confused. And another dream where I wake up (in the dream) in the bed with my mother feeling confused, not knowing where I am or what day it is. Also there was a sexual dream I once had, the night before I modelled at the medical school. And when I was lying on the examination bed I dozed off and had a daydream where someone from the previous night's dream came into the room and examined my penis causing me to have an erection. But no one else noticed.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

erotic, confused, anxious, fear of exposure


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

Hi Lindsay, this dream reminds me of ‘The Dermatologist’ and your memories associated with the book of naked boys. The part where you are naked in the presence of your mum but she can’t tell in the dark also seems significant.