An Erection


in a High Street, somewhere there is a 2 storey building. It is 2 triangular prisms stacked on top of one and other. It looks like a 2 tiered slice of cake. Another triangular prism is placed next to it. A crane lifts The top prism of the stack and places it on top of the newly placed prism. Then the bottom prism is lifted up and placed on top of the new stack. Michael Portillo. the TV presenter, is narrating the whole procedure. It now looks like piece of 3 tiered cake.

Photo by Bangkit Ristant on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

This is a lucid dream and reminded me of my recent lucid dream. Michael Portillo was an unseen narrator, which is significant as his trademark is his vividly coloured clothing. The triangular prisms were vividly coloured.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Extremely erotic.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, the triangular prisms remind me of your recent dream ‘Meeting with Martina II The Bashing’ where we worked with the shapes and colours that surfaced.