Another naked dream


I'm working at a post office, located in a market square. It is a beautiful day and it is lunchtime and I am wandering around the shops. I go to the post office canteen to get some lunch and I pick up a plate of food and go and pay for it but I discover that is only 2 slices of tomato and a couple of small pieces of ham. I ask if I can have something more substantial. The lady says she will get something for me. She leaves the canteen and walks down a lane out of the square to some shops on the main road beyond the square. I continue to wander around the shops. It is here that I discover that I'm completely naked. I'm standing in the middle of this very busy market square surrounded by lots of people going about their daily business and I'm completely naked. I feel frightened and confused. I want to reach out to these people but I can't because I'm naked. Then I realise that no one notices that I'm naked and I'm angry about this.
I complain to the Comptroller of Dreams. Firstly I complain about having to appear naked in my dreams. But then I complain about all the other people who don't realise that I'm naked. In other words, I don't want to appear naked in my dreams, but when I appear naked then I want everyone around me to realise that I am naked. The End.

My own image.

Dream notes and associations

A recurring dream theme. I discover I'm naked but no one notices this. Usually I feel embarrassed but when I discover that no one else is aware of my nakedness I decide to stay naked. This time I feel frightened and confused and angry that no one notices my nakedness. Complaining about having to appear naked in my dreams and then complaining about the people who don't recognise that I'm naked sounds like the dream where I'm embarrassed by a man giving me a blow job in front of Penny and other people but I don't want him to stop. This dream also recalls my Martina/Martini dream; the post office setting for a start. But in that dream I was more forthright in expressing my opinions whereas in this dream it is more of a sudden reaction to situation that I found myself in.
Obviously I'm going to select an image to represent this dream. I am thinking of using one of my nude selfies, but which one? Because of the feelings of fear and confusion, the one I used before, but without the cufflink seems appropriate. Because I am complaining about having to appear nude in my dreams another one where I am covering my genitals with my hand seems appropriate. By the time you read this you will know which one. This is the fourth time I have put this dream in the dreamcubator. So know that I'm feeling vulnerable about this. However I felt vulnerable before when I posted that one and felt a lot better and relieved after I did it and I suspect that could happen again this time. Or I may post a photo of Michelangelo's David.
Comptroller is an interesting old fashioned title for a treasurer, someone who holds the purse strings.
I found an app that turns photos into drawings.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

A beautiful day, fear and confusion, anger, complaining. Exposed, vulnerable


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s such a complex range of emotions present in this dream. It’s interesting to note the fear and confusion when realising you are naked in comparison to feeling embarrassed in your previous dreams. I can really sense the angst when your nakedness goes unnoticed.

I love the complaint to the Comptroller of Dreams!

I also noticed you changed your nude selfie to Michelangelo’s Lindsay.