BettJoy 1 & 2


Many years ago, before I met Penny, I was briefly in a relationship with a lady called BettJoy. In the first dream BettJoy contacts me as she wants us to get get back together. I negotiate with Penny to get some time out from our relationship and go and visit BettJoy. When we meet up we have the most passionate sex one could imagine.

In the second dream I am visiting BettJoy at her home. The house is in darkness. I enter the house and make my way to the bedroom. BettJoy is asleep in the bed. I get undressed and get into bed and go to sleep. I wake up in the night to find that BettJoy's vagina has detached itself from BettJoy and is climbing up my erect penis and mounts the head of my penis. Suddenly BettJoy is reattached to her vagina and we have some wild passionate sex.

Image timothy-meinberg-aXSHlhxuIDw-unsplash-scaled.jpg

Dream notes and associations

My dreams about Monica, Martini, Margaret, my recent dream about Penny and the orgasm.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Both dreams extremely erotic.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, based on the dreamwork we have been practising I’d say there is something about each of these dream women your soul/psyche/body wishes to experience, express or embody. It might be of interest to gather and study the notes from the women we have worked along with your bodily responses to them.

Hmmm I don’t receive notifications for these comments but I did respond to your session request the other week via email…I’ll follow up. Hope all’s well with you too.