Boaty McBoatface


Penny and I are wanting to go on a holiday cruise on the ship Boaty McBoatface. We are talking to a lady who is a representative of the ship. She is a small, dumpy woman with huge hair protruding out both sides of her head. Her face is totally devoid of any expression or emotion. Unfortunately that is all I can remember of the dream.

Image is my own work

Dream notes and associations

Boaty McBoatface is an actual ship. It is a scientific research ship owned by the British Government. Yes its name is Boaty McBoatface. Google it.

Now the woman. Looks like the hideous ugly troll had sex with a Cyberman. Poor bugger, I wonder if he ever recovered? The troll may have been hideously ugly but she was seething with sexual energy. This woman is totally inert, her face is completely expressionless, like a Cyberman's. (Martina, are you a fan of Dr Who?) She has the troll's short dumpy body and a huge mane of hair that appears to erupt from her head. In fact I am wondering how a woman, with such a small frame could carry around a huge mane of hair like that. She also reminds me of Yoda, from the Star Wars series of movies.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

No feelings that I can remember


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I’m so intrigued by this woman who is a cross between the hideous troll and a cyberman. I get the impression she is trying to mask her sexual energy but it seems to be coming through her mane of hair. I absolutely love her portrait too. Yes, I’ve heard of Boaty McBoatface – too funny.