Our friend, Natalie is living in a large, magnificent Art Deco Mansion. She is away and I am staying there looking after her cats. She has an older ginger and white cat, plus a smokey grey kitten. The older cat is very aloof and avoids people, the kitten is just a puff ball of joyous bliss. Loves attention. I go out for a walk alone. The house is built on a high ridge and overlooks the Woden Valley in Canberra. There is a long staircase down to the street.
Upon my return I discover a side door, made of perspex, with a hole cut out so the cats can use it as a cat door. There is a brick that sits in the hole space to block it when required. But the brick has been removed and a local tabby cat and the ginger cat are having a stand-off either side of the door.
I enter the house and I am greeted by the kitten.

Dream notes and associations

Have had a number of dreams about Natalie and her cats and the plague of marmoset's dream. Natalie lives in an old Victorian Home. Penny and I love Art Deco.
Woden Valley was the location of my bread runs.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

joyous bliss, stand-off, aloof


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Dream Therapist
13 days ago

Hi Lindsay, what a delightful dream! The kitten reminds me of the puppies in ‘Waiting for Martina’. Interesting to note the stand off in contrast to the puff ball of joyous bliss.