Child’s Play


The location is the same market square in 'another naked dream' and this time it is identified as Dickson Shops (another post office dream). It is a beautiful sunny day, it is lunchtime and the square is packed with people. There are lots of people having lunch. A brown bear is wandering around the crowd, looking for food scraps, trying to cadge food off the diners who are there.
Martina, you are there to teach a psychology class to a group of toddlers. Your students are aged between a couple of months old to about 2 or 3 years old. I am there as your assistant. I am fully dressed. I have a number of carboard display modules with information about psychology printed on them. I also have a number of other similar display modules but they are advertising the Star Wars series of movies. All these display modules belong to Dave, my former schoolmate, who you met in the soapbox dream. I feel I need to ask his permission to use these display modules. I walk to his place to ask him but he is not there. It is nighttime at his house. I return to the market square and daytime. Someone comes over with a telephone handpiece connected to a very long piece of curly cable. There is a phone call for me. It is Dave, he is happy for me to use the modules. You and I are getting everything ready for your class. While we are getting ready, your pupils are at play. Some kids are kicking a ball around, some are playing with balloons, some are just running around, playing chasings, etc. THE END.

Dream notes and associations

There is a lot going on in this dream. References to: 'another naked dream; another post office dream; the soapbox dream. I guess the Star Wars display modules could be references to all my outer space dreams, that I have been having lately. What is that brown bear doing in my dream? He was a full size adult bear. And your charges seem to be a bit young to be learning about psychology.
Because of lockdown, Penny and I walk to nearby playing fields, to the Incinerator Cafe (it was designed by Walter Burley Griffin, who designed Canberra) for a coffee and a treat. There is a very large children's playground there and there are lots of children playing there. I've just remembered: The playground is in memory of Sir Edward Halstrom, who foundered the Taronga Park Zoo. And there are statues of lions , bears, apes, elephants and they all make the appropriate sounds when you approach them. I think the children's play at the end of this dream is the key to it.

My own photo

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Summery, there was a sense of excitement in the air. The children's play looked fun and inviting.


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there seems to be a strong theme of teaching and preparation for learning in this dream. It’s interesting to note the age range of the pupils and the contrast with the advanced material (as you mentioned) although we didn’t get to observe their capability with the material – something to monitor perhaps in upcoming dreams. I love the sense of excitement and play in the air.