Collits Inn


I'm driving the Dreamcubator Dreamliner Coach on its regular night time run. I have a full load of passengers, including Penny, my brother, Alistair and his partner, Pauline. We have arrived at Collitts Inn at Little Hartley. There is a large undercover Coach terminus there. Although it is a modern building, it is built in the Victorian style. It looks like we have arrived in someone's living room. Another coach has pulled up behind us. Although it is a large space it looks intimate and personal. I am sitting at a table talking to a woman. She has long flowing blonde hair and wearing a long radiant silver gown. We are discussing family histories. I get the feeling that she is older than she looks.

Image is my photo of Collitts Inn taken in February 2021.

Dream notes and associations

I am a 7th generation descendent of Pierce and Mary Collitts who built and operated Collitts Inn at Little Hartley, the first licensed Inn in Australia, built 1823 (there were lots of other inns, taverns and hotels pre-existing at the time but there were not licensed). There is no coach terminus there. In its day it would have seen a lot of traffic passing its doors. It was built on the only road from Sydney crossing the Blue Mountains. In the dream I recognised the woman but have no idea who she is in real life. My brother and I had plans to meet up at Collitts Inn but covid-19 put paid to those plans, twice.
I recently had my DNA analysed at and received my results which produced some suprises.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Driving the coach I felt at peace with the world. Close and intimate, radiant.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, I’m so fascinated by the Dreamcubator Dreamliner Coach – particularly as you’ve just retired from driving. The woman in the long radiant silver gown is a striking character – interesting that you recognise her in the dream but not in real life.