Cowboy Boots


The dream is set in a travelling country & western music talent show come circus. A young man has been discovered by the talent show and he has become a success in the world of country music and he is proud of his cowboy boots. But he learns that some of his fellow talent show hopefuls paid a terrible price for their participation in the talent show.
One of the show's producers is a paedophile and has a sexual fantasy about teenage boys wearing cowboy boots. he likes to strip them naked, except for their cowboy boots, and then rape them and sexually abuse them. The young man realises that when these young boys see him perform in his cowboy boots it will be a shameful reminder of what had happened to them. He is still proud of his boots but he is very conflicted about wearing them. He seems to have avoided this terrible fate that happened to the other young boys.

A young female participant in the show has been raped by someone associated with the show and the story has been leaked to the press. The people running the show aren't happy about that story appearing in the press but, secretly, they prefer that story in the press to the the stories of what happened to the young boys. They are prepared to go to any lengths to keep those stories out of the public eye.

Dream notes and associations

I can make a connection with the dry dream with the long buried secrets in the community. I also think that this dream has a connection with my recent dream of the spa. Following our session on that dream I had a dream about Patsy Cline, a very successful country & western singer, in America, who died in a plane crash in 1963(?) In the dream she was a composite of the lesbian couple and the young man and a part of her had died (the young man) and she was grieving for this lost part of herself. It was very esoteric and I just don't know how to even start on it. While I know who Patsy Cline is I am not a follower of her and her music but I have seen a biopic on her life, a long time ago.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

pride, shame erotic


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s that theme about keeping secrets that’s resurfaced from our work on ‘Another Post Office Dream’ and interesting to note the conflicting feelings of pride and shame the boy has about wearing the boots. Also an interesting evolution of the The Spa dream and exploring the part of self (the young man) Patsy had lost.