Deja Vu & The Dermatologist


The first part of the dream, Penny and I are on holidays, somewhere in the world. Can't remember anymore than that.

The second part of the dream, I am driving around Sydney, in my car. Some parts of Sydney invoke strong feelings of deja vu.

The third part of the dream I am having a consultation with a dermatologist. It looks like the consultation is taking place in his own living room, at his apartment. He is a middle aged man, balding and of medium build. I am lying naked on a sun lounge in the middle of his lounge room and he is examining my body. I have some very small whitehead pimples on my body and he squeezes some. When he squeezes them they suddenly inflate like a large helium balloon, then burst, releasing this milky fluid all over my body. He gets a towel and cleans it up and dries my body. A teenage girl enters the room. She is curious to know what is going on. She is his flatmate. He says to her: 'Boyfriend, Denmark, on holidays' and I think to myself; 'she thinks I'm his boyfriend'
He continues to examine me. I pick up a large coffee table book nearby and read it while he examines me. A horrified look comes over my face. Of all the books in the world, how come he has this book on his coffee table. THE END.

Dream notes and associations

This one is quite complex. The first part. After spending our first 24 hours in lockdown, Penny and I watched a travel documentary on wild Scotland. Sandy Tolsveig was the presenter. The scenery was to die for. And we can't go anywhere at the moment. (I did go to work that day). But I can't remember what, specifically, the holiday dream was about, but this documentary could have inspired it.
The second part. Immediately reminded me of the dream I had before my 'shit dream', back in the early nineties. At the start of the dream I visit my school mate who invited me home to look at his father's porn magazines and we ended up being sexual with each other. In the dream I have a plan to humiliate him for what happened that afternoon. After that the dream moved to Sydney and I am driving around Sydney and my cousin, Leslie, is featured. Can't remember much more than that. I have revisited the Sydney of that dream in the L90 dream and I'm pretty sure in some other dreams. The book at the end of the dream was a coffee table book of male teenage nudes that Leslie had on his coffee table when I visited him and his wife, Elaine back in the mid seventies. After he came out of the closet, my mother didn't want to know him anymore. Now she has been asking after him. As I have said before, her best male friend is a gay man. He has been very good to mum, and Dad, when he was alive. He has done a lot for her, even chopped wood so she would have plenty of firewood in the winter months. Unfortunately we have lost contact with Leslie and I am trying to find him on the internet.
Part 3. I recently had a consultation with a dermatologist. She was a middle aged female and she didn't ask me to strip naked for her examination. I am a pimple squeezer. The teenage girl was a passenger on my bus that day. I didn't have many passengers because of the lockdown so it wasn't hard to remember a particular passenger but why I remembered her, I have no idea. The male dermatologist is someone I use to know. He and his wife were friends of my parents at All Saints Church. He wasn't a dermatologist, I think he was a public servant. When no fault divorces became available she suddenly announced that the marriage was over and she divorced him and left the church, he did to I guess with his tale between his legs. He was very effeminate and I often wondered if he was gay. Back to the dream. There was something in the dream about a nude portrait. Either he was going to paint my nude portrait, or I was going to paint his nude portrait, or there was a nude portrait of him in the room, or there was a nude portrait of me in the room. Can't remember.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Deja vu. When I am lying naked on the sun lounge and he is examining me and the young girl comes into the room it did not feel erotic or sexual. Recently I have had other dreams were there is nothing sexual going and they feel erotic. Very interesting. Even the book of nudes didn't feel erotic


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I’m interested in the milky fluid – what is being squeezed out of your body? Wow, that book seemed to come out of nowhere. I’m wondering if it’s related to the milky fluid.