Driving lessons


George Smiley arrives at Connie Sachs' Oxfordshire farm to give Hilary a driving lesson.

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Dream notes and associations

Watching the tv mini-series " Smiley's People". The dream relates to a scene where George Smiley visits Connie Sachs at her Oxfordshire Farm to interrogate her about the goings on in the Russian emigre and diplomatic communities back in the sixties when she was a registry clerk in MI6. He is greeted with visceral hatred by Hilary, Connie's younger lesbian lover. Connie despises Smiley as well but she also flirts with him. We learn that Hilary also worked in MI6, in a junior position, and she had a mental breakdown there.
Can't remember anything more about the dream

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Can't recall any feelings. The visceral hatred was conspicuous by its absence.


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