Three boys are forced to parade through the streets, naked. The first boy has a tee shirt that barely covers his stomach. The other two boys are completely naked. I am there to witness this.

Dream notes and associations

3 boys; female triplets in the previous dream. Any connection? I think this is about a conversation I had with some friends recently. It was about when bad things happen to good people, and how experiences growing up shape our lives when we grow up. I got a lot out of that conversation, and I thought about saying thank you to my friends for this conversation. That will mean that I will have to tell them what happened to me when I was a teenager. Am I parading myself, naked, in front of my friends if I do this? In the dream these boys were paraded as a form of punishment. On 2 occassions, that I have discussed with you, were some friends had (not intentionally) pressured(?) me to talk about what had happened when I was a teenager. On both those occasions I felt a lot better about having shared that. Will I feel the same if I tell these friends?
Why is the first boy allowed to wear a tee shirt? What is that about? It was a blue tee shirt.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening



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Dream Therapist
7 months ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s a strong theme of shame here in the medieval practice where the boys are forced to parade through the streets naked. Is there a connection between their shame and punishment and your shame…is it coming through as self punishment or crucifixion?

Last edited 7 months ago by Martina Kocian