Penny and I are in Duffy St Ainslie and we are watching people driving along the street in all manner of bicycles, tricycles, skateboards etc. Someone rides past us on a bicycle and we follow him on foot to his house, further down the street. We enter the garage, at that house and we find the young man and my late brother Colin are there and they are restoring a wooden toy aeroplane. They intend to add a motor to it as well so it will be really able to fly. Colin is hopeful that it will fly. I tell Penny about the aircraft fuselage that I saw in a previous dream in Colin's shed.

Image by Mert Kahveci on unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Martina, as you can see I had a busy night of dreams, last night (Sunday night)
Colin is not a practical person and restoring anything would be beyond him. He passed away some years ago.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening



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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I believe these last few dreams are strongly connected. I see the theme of restoration has resurfaced and is now accompanied by a feeling of hope. Let’s continue monitoring this theme.