I can’t get no Satisfaction


Gary, a mate of mine that I haven't seen or spoken to, for the past 30 - 40 years, is the Rolling Stones song; I can't get no Satisfaction. He has a daughter (in the dream) , she looks like Gary, with a wig and wearing a dress. Gary absolutely doted on her and was concerned about choosing the right future for her.

Image: Isuzu Bellet from Shannons.com.au

Dream notes and associations

Yesterday, in my break, I was on Facebook. Of all the billions of posts floating about in the Facebook universe, one random post landed in my newsfeed. Of all the hundreds of people that commented on that post, the one that was highlighted in my newsfeed was a comment from someone called Gary Carter. Gary Carter was the name of a mate of mine that I lost contact with 30 to 40 years ago. Was this him? Nothing in the post and his comment particularly suggested it was him, except the name. Long story short, it was him and we spent the rest of the day chatting/texting via Facebook messenger. Originally Gary was a mate of my late brother Colin and as I grew into adulthood he and I became great mates. We went to concerts, movies and shows. We went to the Dickson Hotel, one of the local watering holes, we went to the members badge draw at the Ainslie Football Club. Gary was one of those men who never had a girl friend or even seemed interested in pursuing a romantic/sexual relationship with a woman. I did wonder if he was gay. So he never had a daughter. The one thing he does dote on is his Isuzu Bellet Coupe. That was his connection with my brother, Colin owned a similar model as well. Gary still owns his. Gary's main interest is cars. 95% of his Facebook posts and 100% of his photos on Facebook are about cars.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

No satisfaction


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