Jet flame


I am with my partner and we are in a service station (I think?) and he can see or smell gas. Suddenly we realise we are in danger and run towards the sliding doors. My partner feels we are done for but I'm optimistic we can make it or at least try. There are two guys coming in through the doors. There is a pause where we have to wait for the doors to be clear but we make it outside. We run for our lives and I point out that we can jump into the nearby lake if the building explodes. It doesn't. We are now on a street talking with friends when suddenly my partner notices the gas again and we need to take cover against a fence off the street. This time the gas is alight and there is a hot flame (like a jet flame) bursting down the street. We are unharmed but I can feel the heat as we take cover.

Dream notes and associations

None that I am aware of!

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Optimistic that we'll escape. Relief that we were unharmed.


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Hi Magi,

What a stressful dream, I had to catch my breath after reading that. Running in dreams can indicate some anxiety in waking life but your dream suggests you remain optimistic about the situation.

Dream Therapist
4 years ago
Reply to  Magi KB

Yes I believe the pandemic has sparked many strange and stressful dreams! Be mindful whether you notice this becomes a recurring theme and get in touch if you start to feel overwhelmed.