Singapore Chainsaw Massacre


I am in Singapore with a good friend Mr. R and Marvin* an ex hookup. We are seated at an outdoor eating joint, ordering food and catching up. I am disappointed when Mr. R has to leave and I am left with Marvin who decides I'll be sleeping at his parent's place with him. I really don't want to be there with him or to continue the night with him.

Suddenly it's the following morning and I find myself at his parent's house and gather my things to leave. I see a dismembered finger, slightly decomposed on the carpeted floor. And then I see Marvin gearing up in a 'Jason' face mask and heavy duty jumpsuit like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I realise I need to get out of here fast. I'm not sure whether Marvin has realised I have cottoned on to him wanting to murder me as we are both acting 'normal'. I do make a run for it and there are multiple large, wide floor to ceiling doors (red?) that open and close for me in succession as I pass through the hallway. The scene is like something from a Kubrick film.

Marvin is steadily gaining on me, following me through the doors of the house/apt. I make it to the front door which has a brass knob at the centre. I fully expect it to be locked or that I am unable to open it in time, but I manage and am able to escape outdoors.

Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

There seems to be a recurring theme of very suddenly needing to escape a situation and the ability to always find an escape.

Being with friends in Singapore

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

I felt happy and elated to be in Singapore and in Mr. R's presence and a strong resistance to be around Marvin. Fear when I realised I was in danger and relief at escape. Anticipation when turning the final knob of the front door.


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