I am a young woman. I am a farmer. I have no legs below my hips. Another young woman carries me around on her hip. I am also a participant in the current series of Muster Dogs, on ABC TV. My dog and I have successfully passed the first milestone. I am going to celebrate this achievement with my women friends at an RSL Club. We all enter a large empty room in the club. The lady, who is carrying me, places me on the floor, in the middle of the room. I am completely naked. Everyone else is fully clothed. As I sit there, and survey the room, I feel very powerful!! It feels very erotic!!
I returned to driving buses. I am driving a Leyland Leopard, which were around in the 1960s. I am sitting on a wooden dining chair, on the left-hand side of the bus. This is where I drive the bus from. The bus had been fitted with new stop and start buttons which had been installed next to the old buttons. Green for start and red for stop. (For starting and stopping the engine.) I am driving a run from Neutral Bay to Western Sydney. I take a wrong turn somewhere and I end up driving around these small suburban back streets. Every street I enter is a dead end and I have to reverse out of it. I am completely lost. On the right-hand side of the bus there are these piles of old street directories. I get one and try to work out where I am and how do I get back on track. My passengers did not offer to help.

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Muster Dogs on ABC TV. Connections to my aunt's story dream. On the recent program one of the female participants mentioned that, before a certain date, a woman could not list her occupation as a farmer, on the Australian Census. She had to say domestic duties. Why am I legless? What does that symbolize? This was a lucid dream. Where is that power coming from? It felt very potent. I was awake as I felt that power. I was conscious that I was lying in bed and conscious of sitting naked in this room feeling very powerful. I then went back to sleep and dreamt the second part. In the 2nd part I was a male and fully legged.
This young woman is obviously my anima. And she is legless, naked and feeling very powerful. That is a very interesting image!!
Regarding the bus; Why am I driving the bus on the left-hand side of the bus? Why am I sitting on a wooden dining chair?

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

First part powerful and extremely erotic. It felt like erotic energy pulsing through my entire body. The feeling that is conspicuous by its absence is vulnerability. 2nd part frustration, feeling lost.


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Dream Therapist
4 months ago

Hi Lindsay, I agree – very interesting image of the legless but powerful woman. The dead end streets on your bus route sound significant as does the theme of how to get back on track.