Maoui’s Shadow


I am cat-sitting Natalie's (late) cat Maoui and another cat, who doesn't appear to have a name, and he follows Maoui everywhere. He is a black and white cat and looks a bit like Sylvester from The Bugs Bunny Show. Penny suggests that I take the cats to the beach. I don't like that idea, but Penny says Natalie always takes her cats to the beach. Reluctantly, I agree to take them to the beach. At first it is all good. The cats follow us around and stay close to us. Suddenly a very large dog comes bounding up to the cats and they take off with me in hot pursuit after them. I follow them into a large empty derelict building. I am on the top floor. I am about 10 floors up. I am standing next to a corner window. I go to look out the window and I realise that it is just sitting there, it is not bolted into place. I worry about it falling into the street below so I put it back and leave it as I found it.

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Natalie had a Persian cat called Maoui. He was a beautiful cat, very affectionate. As he got older and became blind and deaf the sense of touch became very important to him. He would respond to touch when he was close to you. He died some years ago. Natalie did have another cat, Tombo, who died many years ago. I think he was a black cat. Associations with my plague of marmosets dream. The derelict building looked like it had been a department store. The window was very heavy.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Reluctance, worry


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Dream Therapist
11 months ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s something about this window that has me associating to your previous ‘Bay Window’ dream. The part about it not being bolted into place seems significant.

Last edited 11 months ago by Martina Kocian