Meeting with Martina II The Bashing


You and I are having a face-to-face meeting to discuss my dream; The Bashing. I am lying on a leather couch and you are sitting next to me in an upright chair, facing me. As I begin to recount my dream, you slip your hand under my jeans and underpants and feel my penis. This is part of the EI process, you want to know how my penis is responding to the dream. You then put your hands inside my body and start to move all these emotions around. Then you feel my penis again and continue on. You bring some emotions to the foreground and move some from the foreground to the background. Then you feel my penis again. The more you do this the more erotic the dream feels. As I am recounting this dream I become more and more fascinated with this process. The emotions are represented by these brightly coloured children's blocks. They are geometric in shape, triangles, rectangles, squares, discs and cylinders. The colours look garish and amateurish When I am talking about the bashing, you find some emotions hidden behind the action.

Dream notes and associations

The leather couch is from the Lolita dream. The emotions/coloured blocks reminded me of the child's play and we may never love like this again dream. The Dream didn't identify what emotion each block represented.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Curiosity, erotic, fascination. When you first felt my penis I felt vulnerable and a bit anxious but as the process continued I became more fascinated by it. Can't remember if I made the connection with being raped at 13 was before or after this dream.


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

Hi Lindsay, what a fascinating dream. I’m curious about the emotions present and yes it would be interesting to explore whether the blocks are actual blockages or something different entirely. The movement of emotions throughout your body in this dreams sounds positive.