Meeting with Martina III


I am at a restaurant waiting for my wife to arrive. I am expecting Martini but it is you, Martina, who arrives. You are heavily pregnant. You look like the baby is about to be born at any moment soon. It is obvious that it is our baby. We discuss this expected event and what it will mean going forward. We talk about the first time we met. I talk about the moment when I decided to take the plunge with you.. We discuss all those moments that have led up to now, the highs and the lows. We talk about the anxious moments that we have encountered on the way.

You and Pete are holidaying at a nudist resort and you have invited Penny and I to join you there. It is set in a beautiful, remote bushland location. There are a lot of people there and the place has a great vibe. We all just hang out there walking through the bush discussing dreams, life, the universe etc.

Dream notes and associations

I think that the pregnancy is about this expected moment when you and I sit down and discuss my recent rape dreams. I had this dream the night before your most recent email arrived. The vibe of the second part reminded me of the first prostitute dream

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Expectations, anxiety, highs and lows great vibe openness


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, what a lovely dream with the pregnancy being so symbolic of our therapeutic journey and immense growth from dreamwork. And yes, also the building moment of what will emerge from working what has come to a head – your recent rape dreams. The end part of the dream seems representative of your openness and trust in this safe therapeutic environment we share. Very apt to classify this as a Healing Dream.