Mr. & Mrs. Orwell visit the Zoo.


I am accompanying Mr. & Mrs. George Orwell on a visit to the zoo. George Orwell's wife, Eileen O'Shaughnessy, is a small, diminutive woman and she is carrying a 4 metre long narwhal tusk. She is using it as a walking staff. There is a sudden shower of rain, and we seek shelter under a large oak tree. Suddenly, a long loud fart erupts from Eileen's buttocks. The rest of the walk we all internalize this incident. George wants to claim the fart for himself because to blame his wife for it, he then has to accept that his wife is there. Because the fart was so loud I am not sure if it was my fart or Eileen's.

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Dream notes and associations

I am reading 'Wifedom' by Anna Funder, her fictionalised biography of Eileen O'Shaughnessy. She was instrumental in Orwells success as a writer, typed his manuscripts, made suggestions etc. Yet Orwell gives her no mention or credit in his writings. And she would have noticed how she had been written out of his life, when she typed up his manuscripts. She gets barely a mention in any of his biographies. She is the archetypal invisible woman. The image of a diminutive woman holding a 4 metre long narwhal tusk is something. This tusk has to be an over-the-top phallic symbol, and it is being held by a small woman. The large oak tree is another notable symbol. I couldn't find the oak tree in my dream dictionary, so you might like to enlighten me. The zoo is another interesting symbol here. And then, of course, there is the fart itself. I am wondering if the fart and the zoo are, somehow, linked. The fart representing something of our animal nature. We try to avoid farting in polite company.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

embarrassed, invisible


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Dream Therapist
6 months ago

Fascinating dream Lindsay, I love the image of a diminutive woman carrying a 4 metre long narwhal tusk. She would be interesting to explore. The oak tree is regarded to be the most potent symbol of masculine strength, male sexuality and its acorns suggest incredible potential. I couldn’t find anything on narwhal tusk either but I would regard it similarly to the oak tree.

There is also the strong theme here of internalising something embarrassing. And interesting to note the phenom of the sudden downpour – as with your previous dream ‘The Science Medal’.