Muffin and Jedda


Muffin (a family cat from years ago) and Jedda (the family dog from years ago) are together in our backyard. Muffin is giving Jedda a hard time. Muffin goes and sits in a small grotto. In the grotto is a large mint bush that has bolted. Some of the shoots have died and are yellow in colour. There are still some green shoots available and Muffin eats some of these. He invites Jedda to eat some. But he boxes Jedda on the snout whenever she comes close to the bush.

Image by Anusha Barwa on unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Muffin and Jedda were the best of mates. Jedda was always the dominant partner in the relationship. Whereas in this dream Muffin is the dominant partner. I could write a long essay about Muffin and Jedda and their relationship. Muffin was a 5-toed cat. He had opposable thumbs on both his front feet and he could pick up a piece of meat , with his front paw and bring it to his mouth to eat. Mark Twain wrote a short story about a 5 toed cat. Later another stray cat, Marbles, moved in to our house and that upset the relationship dynamics. Sometimes Muffin and Marbles would buddy-up and Jedda would be on the outer. Then Muffin and Marbles would have a falling out and Muffin and Jedda would buddy-up and Marbles would be on the outer. It was always be Muffin and Marbles or Muffin and Jedda, never Jedda and Marbles. No matter what the relationship status, on a cold Canberra winter's day you would find all 3 of then snuggled up together on the rug in front of the slow combustion stove in the kitchen.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Can't remember any specific feelings in the dream. Muffin's dominance and Jedda putting up with it.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, interesting to note the turn of dominance in this dream and also the state of the mint bush.