Nude Wrestling


I am a teenager and I am at a large open field. It is a wrestling training camp. There are hundreds of teenagers, male and female, here and we are all naked. I have just wrestled two girls (not at once) and a third girl is waiting to wrestle me. Because I have an erection I decide that I do not want to wrestle her. Instead I go and look for two male friends of mine. I find them wrestling inside a room. They are 2 very big beefy boys and their wrestling style is very physical but it is also quite ballet-like at the same time. They remind me of 2 sumo wrestlers. Suddenly both their bodies slam into my body and the 3 of us are now wrestling each other, simultaneously. It is such an expression of joy except that it is starting to feel sexual and I am starting to feel a bit concerned about that. It feels like I'm not in control. I returned to the dream later in the morning, before I woke up and there was something about a lie that I had told.

Photo by Dim 7 on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

I can relate this to the threesome dream. The bashing dream perhaps. Also my teenage memories of a school mate who always liked to wrestle me and, on some occasions, I ended up naked and with an erection. In the dream I knew and recognised the 2 mates, in the dream, but I have no idea who they are in real life. Possibly one of them could represent my wrestling school mate, he was a big, solid boy, but not that big. The other thing I remember is that none of the boys, me included, had any body hair. I can remember, around the age of 11 or 12, my body, suddenly became very hairy and I hated it. The lie at the end of it is interesting. I am wondering if this is a reference to my lying in state dream. When I typed out the title I realised that lying had 2 meanings.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

erotic and joyful, not in control.


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Dream Therapist
11 months ago
Reply to  Lindsay

Hi Lindsay, that’s an interesting point that as soon as things feel sexual there is a fear of losing control which interrupts the sheer joy of wrestling. Also interesting that you avoided wrestling with the third girl due to your erection. I love the image of the sumo-like wrestlers, physical but ballet-like – they would be wonderful to embody.