Return to the Depot


I am watching an old bus (1980s) reverse up a city street. The bus hits a large brick building then drives off. As it drives off, large panels fall off the rear and side of the bus.
I decide to return to my old job as a bread vendor. Except that, instead of driving a bread van, I am driving a bus. And instead of delivering bread I am delivering passengers to their intended destination.
It is the end of my first day back on the job and I am driving the bus back to the depot. The depot is out in the country and I am driving along a wide gravel road which is in fairly good condition. I pass a cement mixer. Part of the road is very boggy, but I am able to drive around it, safely. I pass another bread vendor that I use to know, many years ago.
I come to a fork in the road. I am directed to take the right fork. (The other bread vendor takes the left fork). The gatekeepers and I have a brief chat about our day so far. I place my right hand on one of the men's left shoulder as we chat about our day. It feels good natured and bon homme. I drive on towards what looks like a disused quarry. The End

Dream notes and associations

I am a retired bus driver, and many years ago, I use to be a bread vendor. Returning to work as a bread vendor has been a recurring dream that I have had. This is the first time that there is a mix-up between bread vending and bus driving.
The first part of the dream the day is overcast. The second part of the dream the day is bright and sunny. Feels like about 10am. The road to the depot reminds me of Hindmarsh Drive, which I drove along from the bakery to my bread run. The wide gravel road reminded me of Mugga Lane, which ran off Hindmarsh Drive. The interaction between and the gatekeepers was light, good natured. There is an active quarry on Mugga Lane. I have driven along Mugga Lane, but so long ago I cannot recall any specific memories of it.

Image courtesy of shane-mclendon-89hUOLtVfoI-unsplash-scaled.jpg from unsplash.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

lighthearted, bon homme.


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Dream Therapist
20 days ago

Hi Lindsay, interesting to note the cross over between the bread vendoring and bus driving. Dreaming of a quarry signifies digging out aspects of your personality that may have been buried. The gatekeepers seem significant here too.