Showing off


The dream setting is some alpine region. It feels very autumnal. I am observing a man delivering large planks and poles of timber to some construction sites. Each pole and plank is large, heavy and awkward to carry on their own but he is carry several at once. He is carrying them, across his body, in his arms. As he arrives at each site, he sets the timber down and selects the piece that is required for that job, delivers it, picks up the remaining pieces, and moves on to the next job. Assessing the balance of the load is important.
I become the man doing the deliveries. I am assessing each of pieces, working out how I am going to pick each piece up and how I am going to balance them on my arms. I start to load them on my arms. Penny comes over and wants to know if I am showing off, because everyone is watching. I continue to load the timber and continue with my delivery round.
the End

Photo by Joshua Fuller from unsplash

Dream notes and associations

The alpine setting reminds me of the snowball fight dream and my Pinetum dream. (Remember that one, long time ago). And my cousin cousine dream. As you will read in the next section this dream felt extremely erotic and I woke up feeling very sexually aroused. The only other dream I had, that the content was not of a sexual nature but felt very erotic, is my shit dream. I am wondering if Penny asking me if I'm showing off as everyone is watching is a reference to me using some nude photos of me to illustrate my dreams.
Balance was very important.
Pine trees = phallic symbols.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Autumnal, very erotic, woke up feeling very sexually aroused. Balance


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, the large planks and poles of timber (or your description of them) also sound very phallic. It seems you are really enjoying your bodily movement/awareness in this dream.