Sweet Monsters


I am driving with my family. My parents are in the front seat, my brother and I in the back. But we are the ages we are now - all grown adults.
We are driving near the ocean in a marina type area with lots of people and restaurants.
There is a suspended walkway/track above the ocean nearby (think like you'd find in Mario Cart or something like that) and all of a sudden two monster/animal creatures come running along the walkway/track, above the water .
One is a baby monster/animal which is out in front, and chasing behind is the parent (I can't tell if it's the mother or father).
The parent creature is enormous and in the dream I gasp as it is so strange looking, it has a huge horn coming out the centre of its head and I instantly know that I have never seen this before and wonder what it is. It is an ugly creature but I can feel the concern it has for its child. It would be really scary looking otherwise.
Before I know it we on the walkway (still in the car) high-tailing it after the creatures. My Dad must have decided to help but he doesn't communicate this.
We zoom ahead and manage to block the pathway of the child monster/animal just before the walkway descends into the water but the baby animal is still partly submerged. The parent monster/animal catches up and it is clearly relieved.
Then, a creature from under the water tries to snatch the baby monster/animal. I can't clearly see the underwater creature but it feels very ominous and I know that it wants to drag the child away and kill it.
My Dad punches the the underwater creature in the face and it flees.
The parent monster/animal is overcome with gratitude and it hugs my Dad.
It is very touching. My Mum and I are cry.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Once I got over the initial fear and shock, I remember feeling that the monster/animals were sweet.
Throughout the dream there was over the top feelings and emotions from all characters. Almost like a animated movie for kids where the emotions and facial expressions are overplayed.
The underwater creature was scary and I was afraid of it.
I felt proud of my Dad for his actions and his bravery. I was very empathetic for the parent monster/animal and could genuinely feel the pain and fear that it had.
I was relieved when everyone was alright and really glad that we could help.
When I woke up I think I might have had a real tear or two. Even though there were some scary parts of the dream, when I awoke I had a real fondness for the monster/animals and thought it was a nice dream.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Mel, this is quite an intense dream with high emotion throughout and strong themes of concern and rescuing something or someone more vulnerable. I’m wondering what the underwater creature represents.

Dream Therapist
3 years ago
Reply to  Mel

The underwater creature could very well symbolise cancer and your family’s response to help. Great to hear your brother is doing well now. It also explains the relief you felt that everyone was alright in the end and if this dream is anything to go by, it suggests it will be.

Last edited 3 years ago by Martina Kocian