The Abandoned Farm


Penny and I are on holiday somewhere in regional Australia. We are visiting a country town and we find an abandoned farm which is in the town. The farm is surrounded by suburban streets and houses. We decide to squat in the farmhouse during our stay in this town. We go for a walk around the local streets. Penny spots are cardamom tree in someone's front yard and there are cardamom pods fallen on the ground. Penny decides to harvest the pods that have fallen on the ground. I tell her that I can see someone looking at her through the front window of the house.

We decide to explore the farm. It is not very large, 3 or 4 acres perhaps. Larger than a suburban block. There is the usual old rusted and abandoned pieces of equipment and machinery. It is overgrown with weeds. We find a chicken house and the chickens appear to be thriving. I make a mental note to go and check for eggs.

At the back of the property we find an enclosed pig sty populated by a number of small, wild looking pigs and an Australian Silky Terrier. The pigs seem to want to play with the dog but the dog seems to be a bit scared of the pigs. I decide to take the dog as my own and he seems quite happy with that. The End

Photo by Jennifer Uppendahl on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

The property reminded me of the property owned by the Astrologer in The Astrologer dream. Also reminded me of the dream where I drive out far from civilisation to visit a blue cattle dog in an empty farmhouse. The Australian silky terrier were a very popular breed when I was growing up.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Deciding to squat in an abandoned farmhouse felt like a naughty secret you shared with one other when you were children. Also felt like sometimes when you are on holiday and you decide to step outside your comfort zone, exciting. The surrounding neighbours would know we are there, so it wouldn't be a secret.


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I love the harvesting of cardamom pods, thriving chickens and possibility of eggs in this dream – such positive themes and symbols. I’m really interested to explore Penny’s experience with the cardamom pods too.