The Abyss


I am scuba diving and realise I haven't done this in a long time and need a practise run before going deep. I am with a small group who are looking out for me. I decide to go under but don't realise my weights are pulling me into the abyss and I don't have my breathing apparatus connected.

I am being slowly pulled downwards and realise I need to sort out my breathing asap. I am at the point of no return when a close friend who is at the surface expresses concern for me and pulls me back with a comically large, long and very stretched sticky hand (like a child's toy). I manage to avoid the abyss narrowly as I'm being pulled to the surface.

I am swimming about leisurely on the surface when I realise I only have 15mins to get under and experience my dive before the session ends. I start practising my breathing.

Photo by Ibrahim Mohamed on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Themes of practising something I haven't done in a while and a narrow escape from the abyss. Possibly referring to thoughts of returning to study or considering another baby. Not having the practise or correct apparatus may send me into an abyss? Time running out to practise. Miri's sticky hand toy!

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Onset of panic about being pulled into the abyss and having to get my stuff together quickly. Relief at being rescued. Excitement and curiosity about the dive...ready (but not ready) to dive in.


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