The Boyfriend.


Penny and I are at a large park and we are surrounded by all our friends. Among them is Penny's friend, Margaret, who lives in Canberra. Margaret and a male friend of ours suddenly discover that they had a relationship some time ago, and this is the first they had met since breaking up. We are gathered on one side of the park. Alongside us, and separated from us by a fence, is what looks like a parks & garden's depot. There are some low lying red brick buildings along the inside of the fence line.

Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

When Penny and I first met, I was living in Canberra, and Penny was living in Sydney. Early in the relationship, Penny told me about her best friend, Margaret. They had first met as flat-mates in Sydney, and the friendship had grown from there. They had flatted together for a number of years in a number of different addresses. Then Margaret got a job at the ANG in Canberra and moved there to live. The friendship continued for awhile but they lost track of each other. Penny told me that she would like to reconnect with Margaret. What Penny didn't know was that, in the meantime, Margaret had married into a family that were close personal friends of my family. 4 days after this conversation I discovered this connection and the following Saturday (Christmas Day, a very surprised Penny had a reunion with her long lost friend. I actually didn't know, nor had I met Margaret, up and to the point, but my parents knew her. My mother knew her very well, in spite of the age difference.
The male boyfriend, although I knew him in the dream, outside of the dream, I do not recognise him.
I recently realised that all our friends are, primarily, Penny's friends. My only 2 friends are the other Penny, who now lives down the South Coast, near the Victorian border, and Richard, my former dream therapist, who lives up on the Sunshine coast. Richard was one of the friends meeting us at the park.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Friendship. Bon homme. When Margaret and boyfriend recognise each other I felt a bit nervous and anxious about this, but only momentary. Surprise.


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