The break-in


I have travelled back in time to when I was a bread vendor. I am delivering bread in the early hours of the morning and I arrive at my friend Hylton's house and Hylton is just leaving for work. I want to break into his house so I get Penny to take over the bread run and as Hylton walks out the front door I sneak in thru the same door. Inside the house is meticulously neat and tidy except one room I enter it is very untidy. There are children's toys and other small objects strewn everywhere, on the floor, on tables, chairs etc. There are a some people in this room and it looks like they are having a party. I recognise one of the toys as a favourite of mine when I was a child (but I cannot remember what it was). I leave the room and continue my exploration of the rest of the house which is very neat and tidy as before. I find myself in a room which is a gym. It is pitch black in this room. I just stand there for a while. I discover that there is a massage table just nearby and I lie down on it and I go to sleep.
I wake up and it is morning. To my surprise I discover that there are 2 young women sleeping close by. They are also sleeping on massage tables. The young lady , closest to me is a bit embarrassed to discover that a male stranger had been sleeping in close proximity to her. She is young, early 20s, and wearing a very large over sized woollen jumper, and not much else, which comes down to cover the top half of her thighs. She swings her legs of the massage table and quickly pulls up her knickers but I get a glimpse of her pubic hair which gives me an erotic thrill. But I notice, also, that she has varicose veins. THE END
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Here is this recurring dream theme where I return to my previous profession as a bread vendor, except this time I travel back in time to when I was a bread vendor (1970s) I can imagine that Hylton would live in a neat and tidy house, but why would one room be so messy? I think the most significant part is the last part. It immediately reminded me of a dream I had in the late 90s, I think. I was visiting North Ainslie Primary School, I was my age at the time of the dream. I meet a young woman and we go into one of the classrooms. My memory is a bit vague of what happened next but I think she sat on a child's desk and took her clothes off and I think I performed oral sex on her. While my memory of the dream is vague I can quite clearly recall the memory, that it triggered, which happened some years before. And I can clearly recall the incident, that happened the night before, that triggered that dream in the first place. At that time I was working in the deli at Woolworths. It would have been late in the evening and I went out on to the back dock. A young female colleague came out of one of the coolrooms. She looked distressed. I asked her was she okay? She didn't reply. I have no idea where my next question came from but I asked her would she like a hug? Again she didn't reply but she leant her body forward towards me and I put my arms around and gave her a hug. She never spoke but her eyes brightened and she gave a smile as if to say; I'm good now, thanks, and we went back to our work. That night I had the dream which reminded of an event that happened when I was in my mid 20s. I was visiting some friends of mine and they had a daughter in her early to mid teens. She was a real live-wire chatterbox and she was chatting away to me. She was wearing this oversized jumper that covered her body down to the top half of her thighs. Suddenly, what I can only describe as a burst of joy, that seemed to come out of nowhere, she stretched her whole body, and whether she did this intentionally or accidently, I don't know but she brought the bottom of the jumper up to her chin and let it drop. She was completely naked under that jumper. Both her parents were there but whether they saw it or not I don't know. Going back to that night on the back dock, I could see my colleague needed a hug but she was from Pakistan, a culture that would not allow such intimacy between 2 unrelated male and females. But she needed a hug and I was able to cut through all that and gave her a hug, which seemed to be what she needed and had the desired effect. Young pubescent teenage girls shouldn't expose their naked bodies to mid 20s something males, yet my friends daughter had a spontaneous urge that needed to be expressed. We all survived and we live on.
Going back to the young lady in the current dream, I noticed that she had mousy brown hair which was very curly but her pubic hair was a deep auburn colour. Which was the colour of my hair when it had colour.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Excitement at the thought of breaking into Hylton's house, embarrassment, erotic thrill then empathy when I discover that she has varicose veins


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there is a lot going on in this house and interesting markers to your youth and childhood being the bread run and cherished toy. There’s also quite a distinct contrast to the woman’s youth and her varicose veins.