The Bus Depot


I am a long way from home, and I am at a petrol station, filling up my car. I receive a message from the buses, they want me to come in and relieve a driver. I drive to the bus depot. I am at the depot and there is this enormous party going on. It is someone's retirement party. It is in a huge room and there are lots of tables laden with food, and a lot of people lining up to eat. I make a note to come here and have some lunch before I leave. I am trying to find someone who knows the details of the message. I find Liz, one of my supervisors at Brookvale, but she has finished work and doesn't really want to talk to me. Someone tells me to get on a particular bus in the depot yard. I get on that bus but discover that it is someone's private vehicle. It is a bus that has been converted into a mobile camper. There are a lot of people on this bus. I am feeling embarrassed, but someone tells me that they are going to take me to where I am going to do take over this other driver's work. We drive off and a little girl, who is on the bus, wants me to play a game with her. The End.

Photo by Jolame Chirwa on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Reminded me of a previous dream about the bus depot. (I was working there as an astronomer.) And a recent dream about a bus terminus at North Sydney. Liz was a lady who I got on with very well, but sometimes she was extremely stressed. In the dream she looked stressed. The dream was extremely colourful. The colours of everything were very vibrant. Is this dream an emergent phenomenon from yesterday's dream session? Not sure about that one. Liz was wearing a vibrant green jacket.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

stressed, embarrassment.


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Dream Therapist
6 months ago

Hi Lindsay, the colour and vibrancy of this dream seems significant. Green suggests new growth and flourishing development (or envy). The theme of retirement and the bus being converted to a mobile camper supports the growth and transformation symbolism. I’m struck by the little girl who wants to play – another powerful symbol of new beginnings and perhaps a message that it’s time for play.