The Bus Trip


I am living in a very large, old mansion with a lot of other people. It is night time and I am walking out to the front of the house. I have a Mercedes Mark V bus parked on the street. I get in the bus and drive a couple of blocks then I stop the bus. I get out of the bus and walk back to the house. When I get back to the house I turn around and walk back to the bus. I get into the bus and drive on a bit further and then I repeat the same process. Every time I get back into the bus I drive on a bit further. I am driving deeper into the countryside and away from the city. The walks back and forth between the bus and home are getting longer and longer.

My own photo (it isn't a Mercedes Mark V, couldn't find a downloadable photo of one.)

Dream notes and associations

I think this is about me retiring from the buses. The Mercedes Mark V has been retired from the bus fleet some years ago. They were introduced to the fleet from 1988 through to 1990 and they were retired in 2016. Even though they didn't have the features of more modern buses, I did like to drive them. They had character. The large old mansion reminded me of the one from The Mornin Glory dream.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

The night setting gave it an air of mystery. I didn't notice any other feelings, Isolation perhaps


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, interesting to note that in the dream you are headed to the countryside and away from the city, yet checking back in with the familiar – your home. The fact that you are driving a bit further each time suggests progress.