The Dark Horse


I am waiting at a bus stop for a bus. A bus arrives and the door opens. Before I can enter the bus a large dark horse enters the bus before me and I walk on behind it. There is a large white horse already on the bus and both horses are facing each other, nose to nose. The dark horse is clearly aroused by the presence of the white horse and is trying to mount it but it is difficult because of the confined space. The driver gets out of his cabin and I help him to calm the dark horse down and lead him of the bus.

Photo by Gonzalo Facello on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

I have had this dream 3 times since I have retired. The first time I was already on the bus when the horse entered. I don't think there was another horse on the bus. The driver got this horse off the bus but I didn't help him. In the second dream it was the same as the first dream but this time I helped the driver get the horse off the bus. In the the third dream I was waiting for the bus and the horse entered the bus before me and there was the additional horse already on the bus.

The evening prior to the 3rd dream I watched a video, on Facebook, of a sexually aroused emu trying to have sex with a BBQ/Smoker. Very funny

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Trying to get this horse off the bus in this confined space did feel a bit scary. the horse was awe inspiring.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, the horses have such a strong presence in this dream. Symbolically a white horse represents an image of transformation or meeting with an expanded awareness of ourselves. For me, this dream also conjures your hippo dream we worked a while back.